PSG Global Solutions

Offshore Recruiting Services

Our Team

All of our recruiters have multiple years of experience supporting US businesses before joining us – typically they have worked in sales or recruiting for multinational organizations such as IBM, American Express, or Proctor and Gamble. Additionally, all of our recruiters have four year college degrees, and strong English communication skills. The Philippines has over 50 million English speakers, which allows us to be extremely selective in hiring recruiters. In fact, we hire only roughly 4% of the experienced recruiters who seek employment with us.

Each of our recruiters is dedicated to only one client, working solely on that client’s behalf. The specific hours they work is determined by you. While our recruiters typically work the local business hours of our clients, our recruiting centers are open 24 hours a day, so some clients opt to have their recruiters work into the evening hours to better connect to candidates after the US workday.


Once a recruiter joins PSG Global Solutions, they are taken through a rigorous month-long training program on our approach to recruiting. We combine over a decade’s worth of knowledge of the US staffing and recruiting industries with our expertise in designing and delivering training material for offshore employees serving the US market. The training involves a significant amount of time in role plays and speaking with actual candidates to prepare them for their client account production.

Our Performance Management System

All PSG employees are assessed and compensated based on the results of their client. During the implementation process, we determine the metrics that matter the most to the client, as well as the required levels of performance on those metrics. We then bake those goals into the scorecard of our recruiters and link the scorecard to the majority of each recruiter’s bonus. By aligning our recruiters’ goals with our clients’ goals, we ensure everyone is aligned in delivering the best possible results.

Account Management

Every new client is assigned an Account Manager, who helps coordinate the work of our recruiters on an ongoing basis. The Account Manager monitors the performance of the client’s assigned recruiters, regularly provides a read-out of key performance metrics, and manages any change or modification within the account. The PSG Account Management team is based out of our Los Angeles office and all Account Managers have extensive US staffing experience.