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Our Advantage

The World’s Largest Philippines Provider Of Offshore Recruiting Support

With over 1,400 recruiting resources and extensive experience optimizing our delivery framework in the Philippines, PSG has deep expertise on delivering results to global organizations across all industries. PSG’s clients serviced include four of the world’s ten largest staffing companies, 20% of the Staffing Industry Analysts Top 50 and several Fortune 50 corporations. Our expertise reduces risk for you and ensures optimized value delivery. Resources dedicated to your account act as an extension of your team, giving you complete control and flexibility to your PSG resources into your processes and rapidly scale when needed. Last year, PSG delivered over $5M of incremental revenue/savings reported by each of our top 5 clients.

Our client-focused and metrics driven approach has helped us achieve a net promoter score of 82% (% Promoter – % Detractor), in the same range as leaders like Apple and Southwest Airlines.


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Location in the Philippines

The highest value offshore RPO location to support English based recruiting.
At the end of 2016, there were over 1.3M BPO jobs in the Philippines, with a majority of these positions being voice based. Voice based work in the Philippines has grown 30% over the past decade while voice based work in India has continued to decline over the last few years. There are many reasons for the shift from India to the Philippines which include:

Availability of Talent

With over 1.3M BPO resources already trained and experienced with interacting and building rapport with US based clients, there is a large pool of talent to pull from for our recruiting team. Additionally, Metro Manila, where PSG has chosen to locate our offices, has close to 13M people. With such a large pool, PSG can hire experienced resources with excellent communication skills, relevant educational background for their assigned vertical and demonstrated fortitude to be successful in a fast-paced recruiting environment.

Language Neutrality

As the 3rd largest English speaking country in the world, the Philippines provides a large educated labor force. Filippinos have developed a neutral accent that works well for voice communication. Most US residents feel is easier to communicate with English speaking BPO resources in the Philippines compared to India.

Cultural Influences

With English as the official language of the Philippines, it makes it easier to consume Western media. Having been governed by the US has also influenced the culture in the Philippines, with U.S. popular culture being well received in the Philippines. Your Philippines-based team members often times have similar interests, watch the same shows and listen to the same music as their team members and the candidates they work with in the US. This alignment to US culture plays a significant role in the quality of you and your candidates’ experiences.


Since our company launch in 2009, PSG has refined our recruiting profile to optimize the performance we deliver to our clients. We surround each of our employees with a support structure to ensure they are successful. This includes a full month of training activities before they start providing offshore RPO services to a client, as well as ongoing training to help them continue to improve their recruiting skills as they gain tenure on your account. Integrating these performance based investments with a strong company culture that balances performance and fun has resulted in a consistent employee satisfaction score in the low 90s (latest satisfaction score was 93%). High employee satisfaction translates to lower than average attrition (10% average annual attrition for our A* players) which is critical when partnering with each of our clients to build a team of dedicated tenured recruiters in the Philippines.

* “A” Players are defined as employees who have been with PSG for 3 months and are meeting their performance metrics (which averages over 65% of our overall workforce).


Internal recruiting team hires continuous pipeline of candidates for all service lines.


Training team administers new hire and ongoing training using third party and PSG-developed content.


Quality team reviews and audits front line work to ensure process adherence, guide coaching, drive process improvements, etc.


Organizational development team designs and guides career paths of PSG team members.


Front line management team, including team managers, operations managers, operations director and operations head.


U.S. based client management team understands client requirements and coordinates work.


Reporting analysts generate ad hoc and recurring client reports and monthly PSG Scorecards.