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Download the Guide: Build or Buy: How to Answer the Offshore Question

Are In-House or Outsourced Offshore Services Right for You?

Cost and performance improvements make offshoring part or all of the recruiting process a clear-cut decision for U.S. companies. Now it is time to determine if it’s more efficient and profitable to build that offshore team or rely upon an experienced outsourced recruiting partner. Our eBook “Build or Buy: How to Answer the Offshore Question” helps companies make that decision by looking at three key criteria:

  • Costs – Find out based on your scale, ability or appetite for an upfront investment, and the consistency of your demand for talent which choice is best for your business.
  • Work – Check to see if your core competencies and non-core activities are better suited for building or buying an offshore recruiting team.
  • Risk – Review the distinct risks between the two approaches to offshore recruiting by weighing security concerns and other potential liabilities.

Get your complimentary guide and simplify your choice between building or buying your offshore recruiting program.