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Reference Checks for Top 10 Healthcare Staffing Company

Administrative Support Case Study 1


  • The client was looking for ways to reduce SG&A to cope with compressed margins across several divisions.
  • The client believed there were savings within its shared services organization.


  • The client and PSG Global Solutions talked through the client’s support structure/organization, and identified specific tasks that PSG could take over with our outsourced administrative support.
  • Based on that assessment, PSG Global Solutions completes a range of administrative functions in support of their recruiting process and has grown from 5 to over 20 resources and expanded to 3 different areas.


  • The cost to complete the same unit of work reduced by ~45%, saving the company almost $700K annually.
  • Performance on all key metrics improved thanks to our offshore recruiting services versus historical levels, including turnaround time and # referrals per reference.

Admin Tasks Support Costs ($ Million Annually)

Annual Cost Savings of $700K

Reference checks comprised the majority of administrative tasks.
Additional tasks included assisting the client recruiting coordinators.