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Recruiting Funnel Management for Major Industrial Client

Administrative Support Case Study 2


  • Fortune 50 company hires tens of thousands of warehouse workers annually
  • During the seasonal peak, it is difficult to find enough applicants to to meet hiring demand
  • With such a high volume of applicants and hires, it is critical that they reduce fallout at every stage of the recruiting funnel


  • PSG team added voice calls to multiple stages of the funnel to reduce fallout
  • Highest volume call areas were attendance calls for hiring events and new hire orientation


  • Applicant to hire ratios improved by 43% (7% to 10%) for hiring events and 19% (41% to 49%) for new hire orientation
  • Uplift resulted in over 4,400 incremental hires with an incremental cost per hire of $145 compared to an overall cost per hire of $225 before PSG was engaged on the project
  • Based on success, client ramped team to over 100 recruiting specialists for peak months

Client Recruiting Costs

Peak Season Cost Savings of $352K

($) Costs Per Incremental Hire For 4,400 Hires