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Recruiting Funnel Management for Major Industrial Client

Administrative Support Case Study 2


  • Fortune 50 company hires tens of thousands of warehouse workers annually.
  • During the seasonal peak, it is difficult to find enough applicants to meet hiring demand.
  • With such a high volume of applicants and hires, it is critical that they reduce fallout at every stage of the recruiting funnel.


  • PSG team used offshore administrative support by adding voice calls to multiple stages of the funnel to reduce fallout.
  • Highest volume call areas were attendance calls for hiring events and new hire orientation.


  • Applicant to hire ratios improved by 43% (7% to 10%) for hiring events and 19% (41% to 49%) for new hire orientation.
  • Uplift resulted in over 4,400 incremental hires with an incremental cost per hire of $145 compared to an overall cost per hire of $225 before PSG was engaged on the project.
  • Based on the success of the offshore administrative support program, the client ramped up the team to over 100 offshore recruiting services specialists for peak months.

Client Recruiting Costs

Peak Season Cost Savings of $352K

($) Costs Per Incremental Hire For 4,400 Hires