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Full Lifecycle Recruiting Case Study


  • Scale and Profitability


  • PSG recruiters manage full candidate lifecycle for VMS and Retail with activities including sourcing, screening, candidate submittal, interview preparation, offer management, onboarding and ongoing candidate management
  • Offshore team responsibility varies depending on recruiter tenure
  • Client resource on site in Philippines helping manage performance
  • Requires 9 months (versus 3 month standard) for recruiter to manage all activities and hit full productivity with associated pay/commission increases


  • Tenured PSG recruiters delivering 80% of client internal recruiter gross margin $ per week at 25% of internal recruiter cost
  • PSG has ramped to >30 recruiters, representing over 40% of total client recruiter headcount
  • Adding more comprehensive candidate management impacts offshore productivity but delivers even more cost savings per recruiter

Cost Per Recruiter Case Example

Annual Cost Savings of $1.94M

Gross Margin $ Per Recruiter / Month

Cost Per Recruiter Per Month