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Full Lifecycle Recruiting Case Study


  • The client had difficulty reaching the scale and profitability goals their leadership team desired. They needed full lifecycle recruiting services capable of hitting their targets.


  • PSG recruiters manage full candidate lifecycle for VMS recruiting and Retail staffing with activities including sourcing, screening, candidate submittal, interview preparation, offer management, onboarding and ongoing candidate management.
  • Offshore team responsibility varies depending on recruiter tenure.
  • Client resource on site in Philippines helping manage performance
  • Requires 9 months (versus 3 month standard) for recruiter to manage all activities and hit full productivity with associated pay/commission increases.


  • Tenured PSG recruiters delivering 80% of client internal recruiter gross margin $ per week at 25% of internal recruiter cost.
  • PSG has ramped to >30 recruiters, representing over 40% of total client recruiter headcount.
  • Adding more comprehensive candidate management using our full lifecycle recruiting services impacts productivity of offshore recruiting services but delivers even more cost savings per recruiter.

Cost Per Recruiter Case Example

Annual Cost Savings of $1.94M

Gross Margin $ Per Recruiter / Month

Cost Per Recruiter Per Month