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National Recruiting Center for Multi-Billion Dollar Global Recruiting Company

Screening Case Study


The client was looking for ways to improve profitability of largest client accounts by increasing internal recruiter productivity.


PSG Global Solutions was engaged to support several of the client’s largest accounts, using a combination of sourcing and screening


  • 75% of the accounts that received PSG Global Solutions support saw cost per placement improve, vs. 8% that worsened (the remaining 17% had no change)
  • Client’s cost per placement dropped by an average of 31% among all accounts that received PSG Global Solutions support (while accounts that did not receive PSG Global Solutions support actually showed an increase in cost per placement)
  • As a result, client has expanded PSG Global Solutions support to include a large majority of its large account segment

Increase Client Recruiter Productivity - Cost Per Placement Case

Annual Cost Savings of $1.5M

CLIENT COST PER PLACEMENT: $ (indexed to $100 for baseline prior to PSG support; for accounts covered)

CLIENT RECRUITING COSTS: $, Annual (for accounts covered)