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Vivek has been co-president of PSG since its founding, and has spent the majority of his time at the company in Manila, running PSG’s Philippines operations. Vivek has extensive experience in international business, having operated in North America, Europe and Asia. Prior to PSG, Vivek was Senior Vice President for Global Shared Services at eTelecare Global Solutions, a publicly traded business process outsourcing company. Over a four year period, he oversaw growth of 65% YOY, resulting in an IPO in 2007. Prior to eTelecare, Vivek worked in Europe at McKinsey and Company. Vivek holds an International MBA from University of Chicago with concentrations in strategy, finance and entrepreneurship, an MS in Computational Mechanics from Duke University, and a BTech from IIT Madras. Vivek enjoys playing tennis and likes to travel. He is a huge fan of Japanese cuisine but makes no attempts to learn to cook it.