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Over the past six years PSG Global Solutions has grown from a startup to having over 1,200 recruiters in the Philippines and the US. It is now more the norm than the exception for a top-tier staffing company to be working with PSG.

Our recruiters help place candidates into jobs in IT, Healthcare, Industrial and Engineering (among others) . We are the largest in the world at what we do and we intend to get larger and better. We have experienced growth rates of over 50% a year.

Underpinning everything that we do at our organization is our unique culture – A Development-Oriented Meritocracy where A-Players are rewarded based on Performance.

Our primary client market remains the United States. We also serve Asia-Pacific, including Australia, and the UK.

Employees joining PSG enjoy unparalleled access to learning, mentorship and career opportunities. We offer competitive wage, benefits and place a high degree of emphasis on work-life balance for our employees.

Work-Life Balance

Weekends off + No shifting schedules

Control Your Schedule

Manage your own breaks

Great Team, Great Peers

Work with A-Players

Career Growth

Promotions from within the Leadership Development Program