PSG Global Solutions Growth Offshore Reaches New Milestone

Founded in 2009 by Brian Cotter and Vivek Padmanabhan, PSG has quickly grown to 1,000 employees, becoming the only outsourced recruiting company that has demonstrated this level of scale in delivering high volume recruitment services to US and English-speaking staffing companies.

Padmanabhan and Cotter first joined forces at eTelecare, a large Philippines-based BPO company. Working together as sales and operations executives, they helped grow the firm to over $250M in revenue. Leveraging their experience in establishing and scaling performance oriented teams in the Philippines and their ability to understand and serve the needs of large US clients, they co-founded PSG Global Solutions with the aim of revolutionizing the global staffing and recruiting industry. According to Cotter, “We knew the Philippines had a high performing workforce capable of doing much more than the typical call center work of the past, and the recruiting industry was an obvious fit for that capability.”

At the time, non-voice sourcing services out of India were the most common recruiting activities being supported offshore. Similarly, when PSG started operations in 2009 over 60% of its team performed non-voice sourcing activities. As staffing companies have become more comfortable supporting voice based recruiting work offshore, PSG has seen its services mix shift dramatically, and today over 60% of PSG’s work is voice based. The mainstream adoption of offshore support of voice-based work has been a key enabler of PSG’s growth, given the Philippines’ consistently high rankings for communications skills, as well as PSG’s large investments in building a high quality recruiting operation. This has allowed PSG to greatly expand client relationships, as it helps clients in a much broader range of work types.

According to Padmanabhan, “What’s most exciting about hitting this milestone is that our growth has come primarily from current clients expanding with us after testing us out and seeing great results, as opposed to us simply selling lots of big new deals.”

PSG Global Solutions is the world’s largest and fastest growing provider of outsourced recruiting support to the global staffing and recruiting industry. Today, with over 1,000 recruiting resources, PSG has helped position the Philippines as the premier offshore location for providing voice based recruiting services to English-speaking countries in North America and around the world. For more information, visit or contact

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