Sourcing, screening and support solutions for every scale

Hire faster, cut costs, find better talent. Our integrated tech and people solutions deliver qualified and ready candidates while supporting your recruiters across the hiring process.


Sourced, paper screened and electronically engaged/qualified candidates are sent to client recruiters so they can focus on warm leads.

Screening and Recruiting

Our integrated technology and people solution delivers qualified, interested and available candidates to a client’s hiring managers or recruiting team.

Recruiting Support

PSG performs hiring process activities that fall outside of the core recruiting process so your recruiters can invest more time and energy where it counts.

Contact Center RPO

Our most comprehensive solution is designed to deliver both scale and quality to ensure your new hire classes are filled with qualified contact center resources.

Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare is PSG's largest vertical, with 45% of our resources focused on healthcare accounts. Each year, PSG helps recruit or onboard more than 250K healthcare workers by leveraging our proprietary recruiting and onboarding technology.

Our Delivery Model

PSG engagements typically start out at a smaller scale, so we verify results and ROI before we grow. Take a look at how we deliver consistent results.

Validated Processes

Hyper-efficient workflows, anchored by benchmarking data and continuous monitoring.

Dedicated Global Workforce

Seamless collaboration with our US-based account management and Philippines-based front line teams.

Best-of-Breed Tech Stack

PSG’s AI-driven Compass operating platform with top third-party tools and systems.


Our proprietary technology integrates into our processes and produces the results your team needs.

People and technology combine for the best talent results possible with PSG. Learn how our modular approach means you get the recruiting tech solution that meets your specific needs.


Comparing the Cost of Onshore vs Offshore Recruiters

Get the specifics on how your company can reduce the cost of hiring high-quality candidates while maintaining (or even increasing) your level of service.

"Daily reports and data help my team prove PSG's value and demonstrate ROI. We're able to show exactly what PSG is accomplishing and how it's adding value to our recruiting efforts."

Recruiting Manager, Fortune 500 company

Looking for speed, cost or quality improvements? Choose PSG.

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