People and technology combine for the best talent results possible with PSG.

Our modules are stacked in your favor.

Our modular approach to recruitment technology means you build the solution that meets you at your needs.

Unified Sourcing and Resume Parsing

Source qualified candidates from multiple boards, import their resume data and automatically engage those candidates electronically.

Assessments and Video Interviews

Leverage pre-built role based candidate assessments and video technology to effectively screen candidates, reducing wasted time spent scheduling online or face to face initial screening interviews.
ACE Picture

Automated Candidate Engagement (ACE) and Call Prioritization

Boost recruiter productivity by electronically engaging candidates and assigning engagement scores which drive a prioritized call list for each recruiter.
Manager Dashboards

Management by Exception and Root Cause Analysis

Improve effectiveness and efficiency with PSG's tech-enabled performance management solution linked to a comprehensive performance management process.

Work From Home Tech Assessment

Provide the tools and monitoring to make remote work a success, including CPU speed test and network speed test.

Real-Time Dashboards

Real time insights into your program performance by recruiter and job requisition.

Sourcing Intelligence and Recruitment Marketing

Leverage recruitment marketing and programmatic advertising platform to optimize cost per applicant.

Technology Components


Secure Environment and Flexible Integration Platform

Stay compliant with data privacy needs and easily interface with your existing ATS.

Automated Data Capture

Batch or real-time data import capabilities to integrate our combined solution into your recruiting process and ATS.

Recruiting Workflow Engine

Design an automated recruiting workflow which balances automated reminders with a human touch at critical points in the funnel.

PSG Proprietary Technology

Designed to integrate into our processes and produce the exceptional results you're looking for.


More Hires Per Person


Lower Costs Per Hire


Automated Recruiting Process

Case Study

ACE Platform Increases Placements by 102% for IT Recruiting client

A long-time IT client, who needed to increase output, used PSG’s Automated Candidate Engagement (ACE) solution to boost productivity, not overhead. See this example of people and tech combining for the best talent results.
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