3 Lessons on Recruiting in Uncertain Times
January 20, 2021

There are two ways executives can view change as a disruptive force, or as a catalyst for business growth. Each mindset results in a very different outcome, as evidenced by the events of the past year. Companies that adapted their business models quickly to accommodate the rapidly changing environment due to COVID-19 saw their efforts pay off, while those who remained static both in their thinking and in their actions didn't fare well.

This is one of the themes we cover in our newest eBook, Recruiting in Uncertain Times: What to Do When You Don't Know What's Next. This period of business change is far from over, and the companies that come out on top will be those that truly embrace it.

What's Next for Recruiting?

People have always been a company's greatest asset, and the pandemic only crystalized this line of thinking. Your workforce is ultimately responsible for executing on your strategic vision and creating the customer experiences that drive your business. Your recruiting strategies make it all possible by getting the right people in the door.

There are a few lessons from 2020 to take with us into this year and beyond:

Business change is inevitable. Ensure your recruiting strategy is aligned to the needs of the business at all times. Many companies have made strategic operational moves during this COVID era of work, including manufacturers shifting production to in-demand essential items. Keep an open line of communication with executives to ensure your team is prepared to secure the talent you need to capitalize on changing market dynamics.

Execution matters. Your ability to act quickly and efficiently within the parameters of today's restrictive environment is key. Gone are the days of determining your recruiting strategy and then spending the next year executing on it. In a fluid business environment, nothing is final. Your company's strategy will need to shift to accommodate new trends and unpredicted events, and your recruiting strategy will need to follow suit. Expect demand to fluctuate, and be prepared to flex up and down quickly with as little business disruption as possible.

Invest wisely. Fortify and future-proof your recruiting operations with the right processes and technology. Most companies underwent significant cost-cutting initiatives in 2020 in order to rightsize their businesses. Now is the time to be strategic with your recruiting budget, investing in technology, if possible, to better weather future economic storms and operate in an online world. Consider solutions that positively impact the candidate experience and get better talent into your organization faster.

These three lessons are just a starting point for what it will take to successfully recruit in 2021, whatever the year may bring. Download our eBook, Recruiting in Uncertain Times: What to Do When You Don't Know What's Next, to learn more strategies and how technology can support them, with real-world examples across industries.