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PSG in the Philippines

The highest value offshore RPO location to support English based recruiting. Today, there are over 1.2M BPO jobs in the Philippines, with a majority of these positions being voice based.

Voice based work in the Philippines has grown 30% over the past decade while voice based work in India has continued to decline over the last few years.

The Philippines offer a variety of advantages, including:

Availability of Talent
More than 1.2 million professionals in the Philippines are trained and experienced at building rapport with U.S.-based clients, providing a large talent pool to select from for our recruiting team.
  • PSG recruits professionals with excellent communication skills and relevant educational backgrounds for assigned verticals.
  • Frontline offshore team members must also have demonstrated aptitude to be successful in a fast-paced recruiting environment.
  • Our team members must also complete a rigorous vetting process — only 5% of applicants receive job offers.
Language Neutrality
The Philipines is the third largest English-speaking country in the world and boasts a large, educated workforce.
  • Filipinos have a neutral accent that works well for voice communication with U.S.-based clients.
  • U.S. residents overwhelmingly feel it’s easier to communicate with English-speaking recruiting support professionals in the Philippines compared to India and other offshore locations.
Cultural Influences
English is the official language of the Philippines. It’s easier for our team members to consume and be familiar with Western media. In fact, U.S. popular culture is well-received here.
  • Philippines-based team members have an easier time building relationships and rapport with U.S. team members and candidates.
  • Our team members often listen to the same music and watch the same shows across the U.S. and Philippines
  • Alignment to U.S. culture plays a significant role in the quality of client and candidate experiences.

Investment in our people

We invest in 30 days of training for frontline team members before they move into client-facing roles, and provide ongoing training as they gain tenure on accounts.

Performance-based investments in our talent, paired with a strong company culture (that’s a balance of performance and fun) consistently wins PSG employee satisfaction scores above 90%.