Should You Build or Buy Offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing?
August 07, 2018

Offshore recruiting services have evolved to the point where offshoring is the most economical way to achieve the highest results for your recruiting goals. However, one question still lingers: will assembling your own offshore infrastructure or trusting an established, third-party vendor provide the greatest value? In truth, the choice of whether or not to build or buy offshore recruitment process outsourcing is distillable down to three primary considerations.

In our eBook "Build or Buy: How to Answer the Offshore Question" PSG Global Solutions Co-President and Board Member Brian Cotter explores the factors that every organization needs to consider as they deliberate over the appropriate employment status of their offshore recruiting resources.


Dramatic cost savings emerge when evaluating onshore recruiters versus offshore recruiters, but the differences between an in-house or outsourced offshore team are less defined. Learn how the scale of your projected workforce, your ability/appetite to make fixed investments upfront, and the consistency of your recruitment needs can influence the decision about offshore recruitment process outsourcing.

Work Type

When considering outsourcing an activity, the rule of thumb is that only your core competencies are above consideration. However, differentiating between core competencies and outsourceable activities requires serious evaluation across your organization. Our guide can help determine whether or not offshore recruiting meets the core competency bar for your business, or is better suited for an offshore RPO.


Data security issues are top-of-mind for most stakeholders, and the decision to opt for in-house or outsourced offshore resources is heavily influenced by the level of security protection attainable by either option. Find out the degree to which both are capable of safeguarding your data and your clients' data before making your final choice.