7 Crucial Tech Integrations for Healthcare Staffing
April 16, 2024

In today's competitive job market, sourcing the right talent in healthcare requires a mix of speed, data analysis, and personal connection. The rise of digital technology is changing how jobs are filled, making it crucial for professionals in healthcare staffing to stay on top of these trends.

This guide will introduce leaders and staffing specialists to the 7 most essential integrations that can help streamline their recruitment process, improving efficiency and helping to find the best candidates.

RPA: The Heart of Automation in Healthcare Staffing

No content centered around tech integration would be complete without Robotic Process Automation (RPA) at the top of the list. Its adoption represents a significant leap forward in operational efficiency, particularly within the healthcare staffing sector.

RPA employs software to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, thereby liberating human workers to focus on more nuanced, strategic activities.

In healthcare staffing, some examples of RPA usage include:

This level of automation not only accelerates the recruitment cycle but also enhances the accuracy and consistency of candidate engagement and onboarding. The capability of RPA to operate tirelessly around the clock further ensures that healthcare staffing companies can remain responsive to the needs of candidates and healthcare facilities alike, providing an unmatched level of service efficiency.

Limits of RPA

However, RPA does come with its set of limitations which can impact its effectiveness in the healthcare staffing domain. RPA usage in healthcare staffing brings numerous efficiencies, yet it encounters specific limitations that can affect its performance.

Parallel Processing:

24/7 Operation Model:

Challenges in Certain Environments:

Despite these challenges, there are innovative solutions and approaches designed to address these limitations, enhancing RPA's capabilities and efficiency within the healthcare staffing sector.

Best Practices for RPA in Healthcare Staffing

Cloud-based systems offer distinct advantages over traditional non-cloud environments for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), making them particularly effective for healthcare staffing.


Accessibility and Collaboration:

Integration with Cloud Services:


Maintenance and Performance Optimization:

Collectively, these benefits make cloud-based systems an ideal environment for maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of RPA.

The Top Tools in Healthcare Staffing Tech

While RPA remains the core driving factor for efficiency, it's not the only integration of technology that's helping organizations drive results and lower costs.

Below are the five most effective tech tools currently transforming the healthcare staffing industry:

Credentially saves hours every day in Healthcare Staffing

Credentially offers an innovative solution tailored to streamline the credentialing process for healthcare staffing, significantly enhancing efficiency and compliance. This platform automates the labor-intensive tasks involved in verifying the qualifications and certifications of healthcare professionals, ensuring that staff are compliant and ready to work much quicker than traditional methods allow.

Healthcare Staffing Use Case

PSG Global Solutions has strategically partnered with Credentially as a reseller to integrate this powerful tool into their service offerings. Clients can leverage the advanced capabilities of Credentially at a discounted rate, providing them with a competitive edge in the fast-paced healthcare sector.

Through this collaboration, PSG Global Solutions enhances its commitment to delivering comprehensive staffing solutions, ensuring that their clients have access to top-tier talent, fully credentialed and compliant, ready to meet the demands of the healthcare industry efficiently.

Appcast: Streamlining Your Recruitment Pipeline

The pay-for-performance recruitment advertising technology that Appcast provides helps healthcare staffing teams quickly fill roles by reaching top candidates.

It uses machine learning to maximize job ad exposure across numerous job boards and sites, giving roles the visibility they need. In healthcare staffing, where time is critical, Appcast's efficient job posting process can significantly reduce the time it takes to fill positions.

Healthcare Staffing Appcast Use Case

Regional hospitals across the country quickly fill specialized nursing roles by using Appcast to target passive candidates, significantly speeding up a process that typically takes much longer.

Real-Time Feedback with Survale

Survale offers a feedback and analytics platform focused on the candidate experience. It gathers immediate feedback from candidates, helping healthcare staffing identify problems and areas for improvement in their recruitment process. This insight is invaluable for making real-time, data-driven decisions to keep candidates engaged.

Survale's Healthcare Staffing Use Case

For healthcare staffing companies utilizing Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Survale is a must-have integration.

In-house teams can track their own metrics, but also the metrics of the 3rd-party RPO recruiters they partner with completely dispelling the myth that RPO affect's a healthcare staffing company's candidate experience.

Trustworthy Candidate Insights with Discovery Data

An integration with Discovery Data provides healthcare recruiters with up-to-date information on healthcare providers and influencers, helping staffing agencies connect with the right people at the right time. This tool is essential for building relationships with top talent in strategic ways.

Use Case for Discovery Data in Healthcare Staffing

Clinics specializing in rare conditions use Discovery Data to find experienced talent willing to relocate, improving engagement and inquiries for open positions.

Seekout - Your Silent Talent Scout

Seekout uses AI and machine learning to help find and engage passive candidates a common scenario in healthcare staffing. It predicts candidate responsiveness, enabling recruiters to contact those most likely to be interested in a position.

Healthcare Staffing Use Case for Seekout

A chain of specialized care centers will use Seekout to identify candidates nationwide, attracting diverse and motivated applicants willing to consider relocation.

Horsefly Talent Market Analytics

Horsefly is best described as the strategic scout for healthcare staffing. It offers insights that are not just about finding the right candidate but specifically predicting when to expect them and where. Their market analytics tool is a game-changer, providing real-time labor market data and predictions, allowing healthcare facilities to staff more proactively and accurately cutting lead times and ultimately, improving effectiveness.

When long-term staffing projections are required, or a staffing firm needs to pivot quickly in response to new healthcare demands, Horsefly's Talent Market Analytics step in as the oracle to guide your way and maintain your course in a rapidly changing sea.

Daxtra for Fast Resume Parsing

In healthcare staffing, the ability to swiftly and accurately process a plethora of resumes is nothing short of a superpower. Daxtra's resume parsing and search and match technology allow the rapid parsing of vast numbers of CVS, along with automatic registration into your databases. Pair that with their high-precision search and match capabilities, and any team is equipped to increase volume and efficiencies simultaneously.

Their customization of parsing rules ensures healthcare-specific requirements are catered to, providing both cost-savings and speed in what was typically a high-labor, slow-moving process. A healthcare staffing firms' productivity increases exponentially when tasks previously performed manually start happening automatically.

Daxtra's Healthcare Staffing Use Case

A healthcare staffing tech stack will most commonly use Daxtra to anticipate and address staffing needs during seasonal peaks, creating a talent pipeline that alleviated staffing pressures.

Smart Technology Integration in Healthcare Staffing

While integrating technology is crucial, doing too much at once can be overwhelming. The average timeline for tech adoption in an organization varies, and the process can be costly due to productivity losses and training requirements. In healthcare staffing, time is precious, and any delay can mean missing out on top talent.

Cost and Learning Curve

Hesitating to adopt new technology can leave healthcare staffing behind, missing out on tools that could improve their sourcing strategies. Learning new systems takes time and can distract from primary recruitment goals. Incremental system updates can disrupt user experience, making the digital recruitment process inefficient and frustrating for candidates.

Partnering with RPO for a Streamlined Approach

We recognize the challenge healthcare staffing leaders face in balancing digital advancements with the human aspect of connection and engagement. PSG's solutions are designed to enhance, not replace, your skills. Partnering with PSG for RPO services allows for a smooth, cost-effective technology transition with a quick return on investment.

The Benefits of PSG RPO

All of the tools listed above are already integrated with PSG's Proprietary Technology ACE (Automated Candidate Engagement), Compass, and Einstein.

PSG's unique approach to technology helped save a top healthcare staffing company $4.4 million in one year.

Looking to see the same results? Connect with us to learn what's possible.

Adapting to digital solutions in healthcare staffing is necessary and filled with opportunities. Making the strategic decision to use these technologies can set you ahead in the rapidly evolving field of healthcare staffing. Consider the benefits of these integrations, and remember, innovation is key to staying ahead in changing times.