Global Contact Center BPO Optimizes Recruiting with PSG

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Recruiting at scale cuts cost-per-hire by $140, increases revenue, and grows margins

Our client, a global contact center business process outsourcing (BPO) firm, provides partners around the world with outsourced customer, product, and digital experience solutions. Committed to transforming the customer experience with leading edge solutions, they work with organizations from tech startups to the Fortune 500.

In mid-2020, they were forced to turn down business due to a lack of recruiting and hiring resources. Simply, they could not meet growing customer demand economically, in large part due to a subpar recruiting technology stack. This was unacceptable.

Our client had two immediate goals: grow their licensed hire business for healthcare, a process that required a solid amount of heavy-lifting, and recruit thousands of non-licensed agents in healthcare and other industries. To keep up with marketplace demands, they needed a partner who could deliver scale and quality at lightning speed.

People plus technology create a winning delivery model

Although they’d never worked with a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) firm before, they knew PSG and our reputation for seamlessly handling high volume, high quality recruiting. We showed how we could deliver high ROI with our deep industry experience and flexible solution design model, which includes:

  • Best-of-breed tech stack – PSG’s AI-driven Compass operating platform includes top third-party tools and systems that increase recruitment funnel efficiencies and candidate engagement rates.
  • Validated and value-added processes – hyper-efficient workflows are anchored by benchmarking data and continuous monitoring.
  • Dedicated global workforce – Seamless collaboration with our U.S.-based account management and Philippines-based frontline teams.

They appreciated our flexible approach, which would begin with a 90-day pilot versus the traditional long-term contract. After initial discussions with their CEO, we partnered with their EVP and SVP of Operations, as well as their Director of Talent Acquisition, to create a plan.

PSG’s Contact Center RPO solutions are built with deep expertise in BPO and the contact center industry. They are designed to deliver scale and quality, ensuring highly qualified contact center hires. Our combination of automated technology and people deliver improved candidate experiences and keeps costs low. They are ideal for handling changes in volumes, from seasonality to new project ramps. With a proprietary database of over two million candidates, PSG has made more than 100,000 contact center hires.

Delivering high-volume, high-quality talent at the speed of business

We deployed our full lifecycle Contact Center RPO solution, managing the entire recruiting process, including workforce and demand planning, recruitment marketing, sourcing and screening, online assessments, interview management and submitting for hire. We started by assessing their current recruiting program and recommending process improvements and technology enhancements.

Given pressing demand, we didn’t have time to train agents to secure licensing. Instead, we mined for and reached out to agents who were already licensed — a labor-intensive process at which PSG excels. We also established a strategy for recruiting a high volume of qualified non-licensed hires in healthcare and other industries.

We worked closely with their team for a seamless integration, starting by leveraging Compass’ parsing technology to batch leads from job boards and our proprietary candidate sources. Then, our cutting-edge automated candidate engagement platform, ACE, communicated with these leads to streamline the process and rapidly identify interested candidates. Once candidates confirmed interest, they went through a more extensive screen and were scored based on level of interest, qualifications, and multiple other data points. Candidates with the highest scores are moved to the top of a dynamic calling queue, allowing recruiters to engage highly qualified, interested candidates quickly. PSG then would determine whether to tag candidates for an offer and, if so, send them to our client’s recruitment team, which made the final hiring decision.

Scale and quality yield high ROI

In close partnership with our client, our team was able to make swift and significant changes to optimize their recruiting process. We ramped up our recruiting team rapidly, and now are able to scale as needed. In a single week, we went from zero to 100 hires. Now, we’re hiring several hundred agents weekly.

To date, PSG has brought in almost 300 licensed healthcare agents and more than 2,500 non-licensed agents. This new ability to handle huge volumes on short notice has unlocked exponential growth for our client, while simultaneously making them less reliant on an expensive in-house talent acquisition team. PSG is helping them grow their top line and their margins at the same time, despite being six months into a global pandemic and the worst economic downturn in a decade.

If you’re interested in how you can benefit from PSG’s contact center RPO solutions, please reach out to learn more.

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