Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare is PSG's largest vertical, with 45% of our resources focused on Healthcare accounts. Each year, PSG helps recruit or onboard more than 250K healthcare workers by leveraging our proprietary recruiting and onboarding technology.

Healthcare admin clients typically see a 40–60% reduction in costs while also achieving a 20+% improvement in turnaround time.
Leaders within the healthcare BU are specialized on specific service categories to ensure performance and drive continuous improvement for our clients.
Healthcare recruiting accounts typically see a 30–50% decrease in cost per hire.
From non-clinical to allied and nursing, PSG has you covered for both recruiting and admin services.
Key healthcare admin accounts have seen as much as $4.44M in annual savings with PSG supporting references, credentialing and back office (payroll and timecard) operations.
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Healthcare Services

We combine automated technology and specialized resources to help our healthcare clients reduce turnaround time and costs associated with finding, onboarding and paying talent.

From traditional sourcing and screening to sophisticated ATS harvesting and recruitment marketing campaigns, PSG helps our healthcare clients find and place both clinical and non-clinical resources.
Clinical Operations
PSG helps with the verification of skills for specific clinicians targeted for specific job orders. Activities include employment verification, reference checks, building candidate submission profiles and population of skills checklists in our clients' ATS systems.
Credentialing Operations
Complete activities required to pull together credentials for candidate to be submitted for facility review (pre-offer and post-offer).
Business Services
PSG supports a range of activities that occur after credentialing. These activities include timecard entry and audit, billing, housing, payroll and contract support.


Our proprietary technology integrates into our processes and produces the results your team needs.

People and technology combine for the best talent results possible with PSG. Learn how our modular approach means you get the recruiting tech solution that meets your specific needs.
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Top 5 Healthcare Staffing Company Saves $4.4M in 2020

PSG saved one of our large Healthcare Staffing Clients $4.4M in 2020, helping with clinical operations, credentialing operations and back office support.
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