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Discover the ROI of offshore recruiting solutions

The combination of shifting labor markets and economic conditions has drastically altered the outcome of traditional recruitment strategies. Now, large amounts of time and effort are required to recruit high performance talent – even for large corporations and Fortune 500s.

The good news is that top RPO companies are delivering measurable results, improving your recruiting performance at a fraction of the cost.

At PSG Global Solutions, our offshore recruiting solutions help organizations:

  • Increase the Quality of HireImprove Your Bottom Line - Our +1,600 recruiting resources are experts at sourcing and screening quality candidates in record time.
  • Deliver Results for High Volume Recruiting– Our sourcing and screening strategies identify top candidates that will result in a higher submit-to-hire ratio.
  • Improve Your Bottom Line – We’re process driven and have streamlined our recruiting to deliver top performance at a 45% reduction in fully-loaded cost-per-recruiter.

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