PSG Global Services and Covid Clinic Partner to Staff 22 Sites Across North America
March 29, 2021

The Brief

Covid Clinic is a non-profit that was formed in response to the global pandemic by a group of healthcare professionals. Their mission is to provide rapid COVID-19 testing for all. The Covid Clinic team includes experienced nurses and medicalprofessionals who serve the community.

Initially, Covid Clinic relied on its internal talent acquisition team and traditional staffing firms to staff its expanding network of testing facilities. Unfortunately, the staffing companies were missing hiring targets, and the non-profit didn't want to add recruiters to its internal talent acquisition team when demand was so unpredictable. They needed a partner who could keep up with its fast-growing network of almost 70 testing sites in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

Speed and flexibility required

Covid Clinic needed a partner who could consistently deliver. To run each site, many of which are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, they needed to hire clinical and non-clinical roles, including:

Referred to PSG Global Solutions by another client, Covid Clinic reached out and decided PSG was the right fit based on our flexibility, speed and collaboration. Once they decided to move forward, we were able to launch with Covid Clinic in just five days.

Tech + recruitment marketing = high quality talent at the speed of business

We started by leveraging specific analytic tools such as Indeed to determine the cost-per-click that would drive enough applicant volume to meet Covid Clinic's hiring needs. Using the analytics in combination with a solid understanding of Covid Clinic's talent funnel performance including clicks-to-applies and applies-to-hires PSG was able to determine the appropriate recruitment marketing budget required for each new location launch.

Once the recruitment marketing investment was made, applicants began to funnel into the applicant tracking system (ATS), and PSG's team of recruiters quickly engaged candidates to conduct a screen.Leveraging our Automated Candidate Engagement (ACE) technology platform, PSG automatically engaged applicants via text and email to confirm they were still interested in the opportunity. If so, ACE automatically scheduled interviews with our recruiters, who then used a client-provided script to screen applicants and make sure they had a clear understanding of the role.If the fit was right, PSG extended offers on the calls and then explained the onboarding process.Then, PSG leveraged ACE funnel management technology to send the offer letter for signature, provide links to onboarding documents and remind employees to show up for their first day of training/work.As part of this process, ACE sent reminders when candidates got stuck in a particular stage of the funnel based on triggers built into the system.

Callout: Solution Spotlight

PSG's Automated Candidate Engagement (ACE) platform automates communications and identifies qualified and interested candidates. Each candidate contacted through email or text message is scored based on their overall interest in the position, qualifications, and a wealth of other data points. Candidates with the highest score are moved to the top of a dynamic calling queue enabling the recruiter to engage qualified and interested candidates quickly.

Flexing for the future

Over the course of two months, PSG helped Covid Clinic staff 22 sites in multiple states along the West Coast and in Texas, extending a total of 692 offers to candidates. Now, as the country shifts toward vaccinations, Covid Clinic operates through leaner mobile testing facilities and is working exclusively with PSG. We're excited to see how Covid Clinic evolves and grows, and look forward to working side by side with them as they do so.