PSG Global Solutions Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary!

MARINA DEL REY, California – PSG is excited to announce that they have ended their 10th year of operations as the largest provider of offshore recruiting support to global recruiting operations. Over the last 10 years, they have increased their annual revenue an average of 50% annually and grown their workforce to over 1,400 employees. Along with their landmark growth, PSG has made significant investments to continue their success with new services, technology, a strong team, and healthy business partners.

PSG started with a single client in 2009 but has since grown to support close to 100 companies, ranging from medium-sized businesses to Fortune 50 corporations across a broad set of verticals including blue collar, office/clerical, healthcare, and IT. Historically, companies that have chosen to partner with PSG remain loyal customers for the long-term, contributing to its 2018 revenue retention rate of 97%.

“Our success is a direct result of the talent, hard work, and dedication of our Manila-based recruiting team,” said Brian Cotter, Co-Founder and Co-President of PSG Global Solutions. “Their passion has allowed us to build successful long term partnerships with some of the world’s largest recruiting operations, including nearly a quarter of the Staffing Industry Analysts Top 50 firms.”

Along the way, PSG has invested in the people, processes, and technologies necessary to achieve ongoing success. In 2016, they launched their industry leading proprietary recruiting software, Compass, which provides performance management and automation capabilities that enable their teams to deliver exceptional service and insightful analytics to their clients.

In 2018, they ushered in another innovation with the launch of Automated Candidate Engagement (ACE) to automatically engage sourced candidates with AI-powered chatbots. This technology allows PSG’s recruiters to spend more time talking to high quality candidates and less time on lower value, administrative type activities.

“Our technology will continue to work hand in hand with our people and processes,” said Vivek Padmanabhan, Co-Founder and Co-President of PSG Global Solutions. “We see the future being powered by Augmented Intelligence rather than Artificial Intelligence, integrating our exceptional people with tools that amplify their greatest talents. As we grow further, we will innovate new technologies and structural processes that can broaden the horizons of our organization and our clients.”

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About PSG Global Solutions

PSG Global Solutions is the leading provider of offshore recruiting support to global recruiting organizations. Our recruiting team of over 1,400 is based in the Philippines, the preferred offshore location for supporting US and global English speaking countries. Visit us at or contact us at

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