February 07, 2017

VMSA Live is the fastest-growing talent conference on the planet!

VMSA Live is completely interactive. You did not travel away from home to be lectured at! You have invested your time and money to CONNECT, ENGAGE, and GROW your programs and businesses. We believe your time away from home is better spent in engaging discussions to solve challenges and share best practices. See our AGENDA to review the juicy topics and contributors.

Industry leaders were filmed last week - their talks and interviews (over 60 segments) will be the basis of the breakout leadership discussions at Buyers Unplugged, the Executive Gateway and our General Sessions at VMSA Live PHX April 5-7, 2017.

Register now and start receiving your pre-recorded conference content twice a month starting October 2016. These VIP Talks and Interviews serve as the basis of discussion for VMSA Live. Let's get the conversation started.