Here’s How to Make Your TA Strategy Recession-Proof: Talent Acquisition Strategy and Tactics

Having a robust talent acquisition (TA) strategy in place is important. The
ability to attract and retain top talent is crucial to the success of any
organization. With the staffing world constantly changing, it’s essential to
have a talent acquisition plan in place that can withstand economic
downturns. Explore how you can make your TA strategy recession-proof
with these recruiting and global staffing solutions.


Recruiting Solutions 
The first step in making your TA strategy recession-proof is to invest in
recruiting solutions that can help you streamline your recruitment process,
allowing you to reach a broader pool of candidates while saving you time
and money. Here are some recruiting solutions to consider:

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) 
An ATS is a software application that helps you manage your recruitment
process by automating tasks such as resume screening, interview
scheduling, and candidate communication. An ATS can help you streamline
your recruitment process, reduce time-to-hire, and improve the candidate

Recruitment marketing 
Recruitment marketing involves using marketing strategies to attract and
engage candidates. It includes tactics such as creating employer branding,
using social media platforms, and creating job ads that stand out. By
investing in recruitment marketing, you can attract top talent.

Employee Referral Program 
Employee referral programs can help you tap into your existing employees’
networks to find new talent. These programs typically offer incentives to
employees who refer candidates that are eventually hired. By incentivizing
your employees to refer candidates, you can attract high-quality talent
while boosting employee engagement.

Global staffing solutions 
Another way to make your TA strategy recession-proof is to invest in global
staffing solutions, allowing you to find the best candidates regardless of
location. Here are some global staffing solutions you can consider:

Global talent acquisition 
Global talent acquisition involves sourcing talent from different countries
and cultures with unique skills and perspectives, allowing you to build a
more diverse and innovative team.

Outsourcing involves partnering with a third-party vendor to handle
specific functions, such as IT or customer service. By outsourcing, you can
tap into a global talent pool while reducing your overhead costs. However,
outsourcing can also present challenges, such as communication barriers
and quality control issues.

Case study 
The client, a leading medical device company providing technological and
workforce solutions for medical imaging and laboratory diagnostic
products, initiated a program to provide skilled radiology and imaging
technologists equipped with company-supported or self-supported devices
to optimize efficiency, quality, training, output, and usage. The company’s
in-house program offers fully vetted, vendor-trained licensed technologists
who are eligible for company certification through ongoing training. PSG
provided recruitment marketing solutions, job advertising, and dedicated
recruiters to address the company’s two challenges of not having a
recruiting platform and needing a partner to expand their brand and screen
candidates. PSG generated 33,000 leads and hired 145 new radiology and
imaging technologists, resulting in $10.6 million in new total revenue,
supporting hospitals to provide continuous, high-quality patient care.


Making your TA strategy recession-proof is essential to the success of your
organization. By investing in recruiting solutions and global staffing
solutions like the ones provided by PSG, you can build a strong and
resilient TA strategy that can withstand economic downturns.
Implementing these solutions requires careful planning and execution.
With the right approach, you can build a strong and talented workforce that
can help your organization thrive in any economic condition.

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