Case Study

Recruiting Technology – ACE Reduces Cost Per Hire By 50%


  • 7 year relationship with PSG recruiting for IT roles
  • Plan was to grow team from eight (8) to eleven (11) recruiters
  • Instead, Automated Candidate Engagement (ACE) solution deployed with same team size


  • Using past performance as baseline, eight (8) ACE enabled recruiters outperformed equivalent team of eleven (11) standard recruiters
  • Pre-ACE team would need to be double the size (sixteen (16) recruiters) to match placement performance of eight (8) recruiters


Index(Client Internal = 100)

ACE targeted sourcing allowed recruiters to submit 20% more candidates per week


Index(Client Internal = 100)

Yielding 26% more interviews per week


Index(Client Internal = 100)

And 102% more placements per month
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