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Comparing the Cost of Onshore vs Offshore Recruiters

Uncover the Cost Savings Available from Offshore Recruiters

Can your company reduce the cost of hiring high-quality candidates while maintaining or even increasing your level of service? Our eBook “Comparing the Cost of Onshore vs Offshore Recruiters” explores how an offshore recruiting program can rein in recruiter compensation, legal obligations and operating costs without sacrificing the speed or quality of hiring. Our guide reviews the two categories that drive the cost associated with recruiters and identifies how to achieve cost savings:

  • Individual Employee Costs
    70% of this expense is spent on wages (base pay, bonuses and commission) and the remaining 30% goes to burden (payroll taxes, retirement benefits, health insurance, dental insurance, facility and real estate expenses and technology costs). In both cases, offshoring offers significant cost savings.
  • Program Costs
    Whether hiring a defined number of candidates or completing a fixed amount of recruiting activities, these are the costs that ensure your goals are accomplished. They range from management, hiring and onboarding, ramping productivity, ongoing training and even attrition replacement. Pick the right offshore partner and reduce these recruiting costs.
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