Hire More Efficiently with Recruitment Automation and Offshoring

Automation is not just a method of reducing workforce, but of enabling that workforce to achieve new performance levels. When applied to recruiting, automation provides an opportunity to reduce the time and budget spent on routine tasks, reallocating them to higher value activities. This can improve recruiting costs, time to hire, and quality of hire. When organizations combine these automation tools with offshore recruiting services, their recruitment performance achieves a new level of cost-effectiveness, speed, and quality.

Our dedicated team at PSG Labs tests new solutions daily and continues to push the envelope in testing and deploying new automation technology to our recruiters, leadership team, and client partners.

To give you some perspective, here is how PSG Global Solutions is incorporating recruitment automation into our own service delivery framework.

Automating Routine Work for Recruiters

All of the most pronounced opportunities for automation are on the front lines with your recruiters. The task of sourcing and screening hundreds of resumes for each job is monumental. Our pursuit of a comprehensive automation system was born out of necessity; PSG was multiplying those efforts by close to one hundred clients and hundreds of thousands of candidates per year. The magnitude of that work created a clear imperative to find ways to improve efficiency and speed up time to hire.

Even though individual employee and program costs are lower for offshore versus onshore recruiters, outsourced resources still need best-in-class recruiting automation tools to effectively source and submit high quality candidates faster than their onshore and offshore competitors. By automating standard tasks, we are able to leverage our recruiters’ differentiated communication and problem-solving skills to maximize conversion rates and placements for our clients.

Our recruiters have access to automation recruitment tools like TalentFetch which functions as a plugin within their browser, allowing them to scrub job boards for active candidates and LinkedIn accounts for passive candidates, pulling the best resumes into our proprietary Compass platform automatically and in record time. With integration into our phone system and our clients’ processes and recruiting tools, Compass can automatically dial candidates and log those calls for detailed reporting on each individual recruiter that is shared with our clients.

In addition to phone system integration, text and email communications are also automated in Compass. Using marketing automation services built into Compass, our recruiters draft email and text messages from customizable templates that are approved by our clients. Sending them out en masse to prospective candidates enables us to accelerate our outreach activities since we no longer need to manually repeat message delivery.

Improving Automation at the Management Level

The level of your offshore recruiters’ performance correlates with the ability of offshore management to identify training opportunities, budgetary constraints, and process adjustments. Readily available and accurate data is the backbone of good leadership, and determines whether client programs are able to evolve and sustain results. Traditional data warehousing made the process of gathering and reporting on that data a slow and more exhaustive process. Fortunately, recruitment automation tools have advanced the ability of forward-thinking companies to assemble the best insights as fuel for the decision making process.

We use a host of different analytics technologies to enhance our offshore programs, whether through our own internal efforts or to fulfill client requests. Our Compass platform allows us to create rules and filters to feed insights straight to managers’ dashboards, decreasing significantly the amount of time they would spend collecting and processing the data manually. With the click of a button, they have access to reports that enable them to diagnose performance of the outsourcing program and promote best practices that improve hiring speeds and quality of candidate submittals.

For example, a PSG team manager can quickly identify any recruiters who are falling short of benchmarks and might benefit from more direct coaching and mentorship. Additionally, a team manager can run root cause analysis to find failure points and take the appropriate action. This allows us to maintain higher levels of productivity and reduce performance-based attrition, while continuing to invest in long-term HR strategies.

Providing Real Time Access and Reporting To Client Partners

Typically, we start each morning with a team huddle with our client Point of Contact (POC) to prioritize requisitions and review performance from the previous day. In the dynamic environment of recruiting real-time data is critical to ensuring recruiters are focused on the right requisitions, especially when requisitions open and close frequently.

Providing our client POC access to Compass enables them to see recruiter performance on their assigned requisitions in real time. They can leverage this real-time information to change requisition priorities and identify issues to be addressed immediately instead of waiting until the end of the day. Additionally, by combining Compass data with information from their ATS, our analytics tools give our client POC a comprehensive view of their program performance, including the Return On Investment (ROI) for their PSG program.

Getting the Best Out of Recruitment Automation and Offshoring

Combined, all of these recruitment automation solutions have an impact on the speed and success of recruiting. However, the one-time cost to deploy such a combined solution, and the ongoing costs to keep the solution current, can be millions of dollars annually. By leveraging technology-enabled offshore recruiting services, where companies such as PSG Global Solutions can achieve economies of scale across a large portfolio of clients, companies are able to offload those costs to their vendor.  This approach enables companies to get the maximum benefit of quality candidates quickly without requiring a massive investment in new infrastructure, technological training, and recruiting processes.

Are you debating whether to build or buy your own offshore services? Reach out to us to learn more.

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