How PSG Is Investing In HR to Drive Performance and Ultimately Lower Your Recruiting Costs
December 06, 2017

Every new hire in a recruiting organization will go through a learning curve as they are onboarded to your business. The speed with which you can ramp your new recruiter capabilities has a direct impact on your overall productivity per recruiter. Additionally, once productive, the ability to retain talented recruiters is critical to maintaining high productivity levels and avoiding unnecessary costs associated with replacing productive recruiters. Investing in strategic HR initiatives can be instrumental in increasing the speed to ramp and reducing unwanted attrition. It's for that reason PSG's HR team and leaders continue to invest in innovative programs designed to cultivate our offshore recruiting team, ultimately driving higher performance and lower costs for our clients.

Building a Strong Offshore Team through Industry Leading Perspective and a Wealth of Experience

An offshore recruiting team needs clear guidance to maximize the candidate experience and lower the cost of recruitment. Providing a full team of recruiting resources with RPO best practices takes an industry leading perspective. Monica Maralit is a significant contributor to that perspective and our operational processes.

As VP of Operations, Monica manages business processes for PSG Global Solutions, influencing leadership, development, and engagement programs company-wide. Her position alone has considerable impact on the consistent growth of offshore recruiting teams, but her unique wealth of BPO, HR, and business experience is the differentiator for your bottom line.

Before joining PSG Global Solutions' leadership team in 2009, Monica worked as a team leader for large BPO organizations, learning first-hand how to hit client KPIs and help high-performing teams to align with the business goals of clients overseas. Over the past 17 years, she has cultivated that perspective even further, reaching the point where both thought processes are second nature.

"The overall objective that I have on the client side in managing operations is making sure that we are providing the right service for our customers. We make sure that we understand their business and objectives so that we can deliver excellence," said Monica.

Monica recognizes that a company's operations affect more than just business functionality and employee morale. Just like making the right resources available to your onshore recruiting team results in higher profitability, the same holds true for your offshore recruitment partner. The responsibility to provide offshore recruiters and account leaders with development, a sense of purpose, and a sense of engagement is on the shoulders of the RPO. It's an obligation that Monica takes seriously.

How PSG's HR Programs Reduce Recruiting Expenses

What should an offshore recruiting partner's operations team be doing to improve the quality of your hires while keeping costs low? Monica has fostered a number of interrelated programs that allow us to keep our A-players, find new ones, and constantly improve the performance of both. Here is just a snapshot of the HR programs that influence your margin dollars.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of other programs in the works, all of which have the potential to foster greater performance in our offshore teams.

Signs Your Offshore Recruiting Team Will Boost Profits

How can you tell Monica's initiatives are working? A few indicators are apparent. Our Net Promoter Score is at 65%, which is comparable to leaders like Apple and Southwest Airlines. Additionally, Monica just received the PMAP Exemplar trophy and inclusion among three finalists for PMAP's 2017 People Manager of the Year award. This prestigious Philippines award recognizes Monica's talents in teaching and motivating our people to deliver excellence in every interaction.

Want to learn more about how offshore recruiting boosts your productivity and profitability? Read our eBook "3 Pillars of an Offshore RPO Partnership that Drive Higher Quality While Lowering Costs" to get insight into what the best offshore partners do to deliver the greatest ROI.

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