How Direct Sourcing Methods Can Revolutionize Your Hiring ROI

Rising concerns about tight talent pools, maintaining fill rates, and candidate churn are prompting some organizations to explore non-traditional staffing solutions and services to control expenses and find contingent workers. Many leaders are finding their solution in direct sourcing.

Over 60% of companies are actively using direct sourcing methods to hire their contingent workers or are planning on using these methods in the near future. Increasingly, organizations decide on direct sourcing over traditional staffing firms and MSP programs because they’re seeking greater control over the hiring process and a reduction in long-term contingent workforce costs.

Does direct sourcing live up to those expectations? And is this alternative to traditional sourcing methods right for your specific business and industry? The latest PSG Global Solutions eBook explores direct sourcing methods and answers the major questions we’ve heard from organizations across industries.

In “Direct Sourcing for Contingent Workers – Why All the Buzz?” we cover a range of valuable information including:

  1. The definition of direct sourcing and the staffing models being used to support direct sourcing
  2. The challenges companies face using traditional staffing and MSP models
  3. An evaluation of requisition types that are a good fit for direct sourcing models
  4. A use case demonstrating the value of direct sourcing


If you are tired of the shortcomings of traditional staffing methods, get your copy of our eBook to expand your recruiting knowledge and your results in an ever-evolving industry.

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