My Boss Caught Me Sleeping At Work!

Alright…so this was staged. But I wanted to get your attention because I am so excited about our new site. Providing a functional and attractive workspace can have a big impact on employee morale and performance. I am in one of our sleeping rooms (we have separate rooms for men and women) which we provide so that employees can come in earlier or leave later than their assigned shift times. With traffic in Manila, this can be very helpful. We also have a Mr. Beam robot on site that allows our onshore leadership (our co-president Brian Cotter in this case) and select clients to virtually be at the site to visit the team on the floor and attend meetings.

Other key areas where we have invested for our employees include our production floor, coaching rooms, training rooms and break rooms. I have provided pictures of each below. I hope you are as impressed as I was with our newest location!

Our production floor is functional with an efficient workspace layout and LCD displays for displaying key company messaging and program performance while also warm and inviting with wood tones, decorative lighting and plants.





PSG invests heavily in our leadership team. Having a comfortable and private space for coaching team members is critical to ensuring leaders can frequently and effectively coach their team to drive continuous performance improvement. I particularly like the chandelier.





We have a dedicated training room that mirrors our production floor workstation setup. Our training curriculum uses an experiential based training approach so our recruiters can learn by doing and not just sit and watch powerpoint lectures.





We wanted our break room to feel like you are visiting a Starbucks. We have a full kitchen, comfortable areas to hang out and bring in catered meals for our employees. Okay, so I did buy a box of Krispy Kreme donuts to make sure I could fill the room for the picture.





In addition to providing a great work environment for our employees, we also want to make sure we can attract and hire the best resources Manila has to offer. So, we have also invested in an impressive lobby where candidates come to apply and wait to meet our internal recruiters.





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