4 Services and Tools for Recruiters to Boost Placements and Margins

Your best recruiters’ ability to identify exceptional talent, forge deep connections, and deliver placements is what makes them assets to your organization. Yet margin compression (almost half of North American staffing firms feel it) threatens the financial impact of their contributions. The highest performing staffing firms maximize the ROI of their top performers by providing services and tools for recruiters to deliver their best work on a regular basis. With that in mind, here are four innovations that top organizations use to increase the time their recruiters spend on higher conversion activities.

1. Candidate Engagement, Assessment, and Screening Solutions

Every recruiter has encountered candidates who declined opportunities or didn’t fit a client’s culture. The screening process is meant to rule out those professionals, but it isn’t always the best use of a top recruiter’s time. AI-powered chatbots and tailored candidate assessment tools are automating this routine but essential evaluation process, which frees up recruiters for more valuable activities further down the funnel.

Our own offshore recruiters are using AI-powered chatbots through our Automated Candidate Engagement (ACE) program to automatically engage sourced candidates. This technology enables PSG’s recruiters to engage candidates when they have progressed further down the recruiting funnel so each phone call results in a higher likelihood of placement.

2. Work Prioritization Solutions

Human judgment is limited by conscious and unconscious biases. Though one of your top recruiters might have impressive instincts from years of experience, those instincts are still influenced by that person’s preconceived notions. It’s a staffing firm’s responsibility to provide recruiters with tools that reduce those biases and help them prioritize the requisitions and candidates they focus on each day.

With that goal in mind, more firms are testing the impact of artificial intelligence on the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of their recruitment strategies. AI powered platforms allow recruiters to review an enormous and complex cross-section of data in a way that neutralizes biases. Relying on the truth within data, they can uncover enlightening insights into individual candidates, market trends, and recruiting strategies. Here are a couple of examples of how AI is being used to prioritize focus both requisitions and candidates:

Prioritizing Clients and Requisitions – Companies like Brightfield help clients prioritize their requisitions based on actual funnel data they have collected across the industry. This data is then used by their AI platform to help organizations design their recruiting strategy, including which requisitions will provide the best return to their organization.

Identifying Candidates Most Likely Ready For A Change – Applying AI in recruiting can improve your recruiters’ success with passive candidates. AI technologies are taking predictive analytics to the next level by monitoring “predictive availability signals”. By evaluating and monitoring candidate-related data points across platforms, this technology can identify the subtle triggers that indicate a professional is considering changing jobs. Events like milestone work anniversaries, increased candidate activity on LinkedIn, and heightened attrition at a company can all signal when a candidate might be receptive to new opportunities. Instead of depending on recruiter intuition alone, tools like PSG’s Compass platform leverage candidate attributes and engagement scores from our Automated Candidate Engagement (ACE) program to automatically build a dynamic, prioritized call list for our recruiters.

3. Automation Tools

Automation is often interpreted as a way to replace employees, but that mentality undercuts the value of human ingenuity in the workplace. People, processes, and technology together deliver the most meaningful impact on an organization. In the staffing and recruiting industry, automation takes over lower value administrative tasks to enable recruiters to concentrate on actions with a more direct impact on submittals and placements.

Consider the process of sourcing candidates. In our own experience, recruitment automation with tools like Daxtra can independently scrub job boards and LinkedIn accounts to identify and automatically add the best resumes into a client’s ATS.

Even the more routine aspects of communication with candidates can be outsourced. Recruiting automation tools can autodial candidates through an integrated VoIP system, logging unanswered calls and connecting answered calls with top recruiters. Email and text messages can be sent on an automated schedule, pulling from customizable templates that appeal to the target audience.

All of these tools enable recruiters to focus on engaging with candidates. Rather than painstakingly sourcing candidates or manually sending out emails, recruiters can respond to interested candidates and forge meaningful connections.

4. Sourcing and Screening Services

Why have your recruiters waste any of their time at all? Rather than spending time guiding talent into your recruiting funnel, your top performers’ time and effort are better spent on more strategic work that utilizes their communication and problem-solving skills. All of the sourcing, screening, and administrative work can be outsourced – and the right partner can augment your recruiters even further.

Just as your recruiters adapt to evolving client criteria and talent pools, you want your sourcing and screening services to do the same. The right partner will work closely with your internal team to develop and understand the criteria for each requisition before launching into their search. An offshore sourcing team’s knowledge of required skill set, experience, and geography can ensure high-quality candidates reach your recruiters.

Additionally, offshore recruiting support can also help maintain an engaging candidate experience. If you choose an outsourced partner located in a country where strong BPO expertise and American English fluency are prevalent, your candidates will feel a more seamless transition from the sourcing and screening process to interviews and onboarding – all at a fraction of the cost of delivering this experience from onshore.

Ready to learn more about outsourced recruiting solutions as part of the best-in-class services and tools for your recruiters? Download our guide to determine the full benefits.

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